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Drag Me To Hell was released in 2009, directed by Sam Raimi and stars Alison Lohman and Justin Long. Christie Brown (Lohman), a loan officer, proves that she has what it takes to make difficult decisions when she denies an elderly woman’ request for a mortgage extension. The elderly woman places a curse of Brown, dooming her to three days of endless torment, after which she will be dragged down to hell to burn for all of eternity.

Raimi knows how to make the best campy, hilarious and at times frightening horror flick. The fact that Raimi understands his films, and is self aware enough to steer into the absurdity of them is the strongest point in his films. There is a talking possessed goat that bites a guys hand during a seance. How much more absurd can you get? Make no mistake, there is a few scary parts and some frightening moments. This is simply a great film that knows exactly what it is. It knows when to tell a compelling story, all while not taking itself too seriously. Drag Me To Hell has a lot of hints and themes that aim towards an eating disorder for the main character, which re-contextualizes the entire film when revisiting it for a second time. You can tell how much Raimi loves doing these films, because everything is made with care and love that only true horror fans can have.

If you aren’t a fan pf campy horror films, or some real “gross out” moments, then be forewarned. There are times that the acting can get pretty campy, and some of the effects look slightly outdated, but if you can look past that then this is a great film to watch.

Raimi has a special eye for horror, and I really hope he returns to direct horror films. All of his films have such a great fun atmosphere, from The Evil Dead trilogy to Drag Me To Hell. This a great, easy watch for the Halloween season, and something to break up the fright fest for a good laugh.